Private Consultation & Healing

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I offer private one-on-one and small group consultations and training sessions. They are an opportunity for me to come to you if you cannot make my public classes and workshops, or if you just want some more personalized attention. These sessions can be tailored to your specific needs or wants, however generally they involve one or more of these categories:

How to create a personal practice

This is an introductory session that will leave you with an ongoing personal practice to continue on your own for the coming weeks or months. The session will include discourse on the relevant theory and frameworks, as well as a selection of exercises suited to your personal situation and instruction on how to perform the exercises properly. 

updating Your personal practice

This is a follow on session for those who already have a practice going. I will answer any questions you have had arise from doing your practice, give you new/more exercises to continue building on what we began with, do form checks and corrections for existing exercises, and generally explain deeper aspects of the approach. 

Regular Practice and Partner Work

If you wish to work more regularly on partner based exercises I am available for ongoing, regular private sessions where we meet as many times per week or per month as you would like. These sessions are ideal for working on the more martial aspects of the tradition: physical grounding and structure work, coordination, push hands, testing qualities and application training. Training with the pressure of a partner helps us to express our qualities under less ideal circumstances than we have when training alone.


The Da Xuan tradition has a rich history of healing, originating with the village Shamans thousands of years ago. It works primarily at treating the ailments of internal imbalance. You could also say it’s a way of treating the wounds and blockages of the unconscious aspects of ourselves. 

Used in combination with practical exercises to address physical blockages and weak points, it can help with many of the common issues faced by us in the modern world. 

The sessions involve sitting or lying in silence while I treat you by gently laying my hands on various areas or points of your body. Occasionally I will make use of massage if the issue requires a more physical intervention. During this time your feelings and perceptions may vary depending on how you react to the change occurring within. These manifestations are different from the result which will come within the next days as your mind, body and emotions digest the changes.


If you would like to book in for a private consultation or healing session, please contact me via phone or email.
0400 201 590


One on One: $100/hour
2 people: $150/hour
3 people: $180/hour
4 people: $220/hour
5+ people: $50 per person per hour

Book in for regular private sessions (at least 1 session per week for at least 4 weeks straight) and receive a 20% discount.

Cancellations: If you need to cancel your session, please provide at least 24 hours notice. Cancelling with less than 24 hours notice will attract a $50 cancellation fee.

*NB: Healing can only be done one on one.