Online Training

I offer online instruction in practices of the Da Xuan tradition. You need not have any particular history of practice – sedentary and athletic people alike are all welcome and can benefit from this approach. 

Training is aimed at the long term, but the first results will start to appear reasonably quickly. We start by laying the foundation, where we will systematically bring to life certain qualities that form the base of all the other practices we will do. The qualities I will help you to build are:

A Strong & RELAXED Structure

Structure is a major part of our physical training. To have a deeply relaxed *and* strong structure, we need to simultaneously strengthen weak links and identify and remove the hidden tension in the body. This opens the body, allow strength to be freely expressed without fighting ourselves.


Coordination is not only a necessary and valuable physical trait, but it is also an expression of how relaxed we are. When we are truly relaxed, we can easily pick up complex motions in a very short amount of time. A link between the mind and body develops from good coordination training – once it’s there, it’s there for good.


Grounding physically means to be able to hold our position in space in a relaxed manner, even under extreme external pressure. We develop this capacity through the training of static postures and stepping drills, as well as occasional partner drills for those who have the option.


Circulation is critical for health and well being. The whole organism is refreshed by regularly replacing the old with the new. When certain areas get stuck and are unable to circulate freely we can end up with all kinds of problems that the modern world calls lifestyle diseases. By freeing our circulation, we dramatically increase our vitality and energy. We use qi gong practices to help build and free our circulation.


We practice to increase our lung capacity, create a full and deep breath, and relax the breathing mechanism. To free the breath is to bring deep relaxation coupled with dramatically increased energy. Breathing is also directly linked to the capacity to digest our emotions, so to have a healthy emotional landscape we must develop the breath. Once the basic breathing is restored, we will work on developing the possibility of deep transformation with the breath – the small and grand circulations.


Our modern minds are plagued with unceasing thoughts and distractions. While we cannot force the thoughts to stop, we can train to tame the mind. A tame mind is available for the task at hand –  to listen to others without internal commentary or waiting for our turn to speak, to relax when it is not needed, and to focus directly when it is. To tame the mind it is necessary to get to know the mind thoroughly, to see the way it can deceive us and the tricks that it plays. When all the tricks are known they are not so effective anymore and the mind naturally relaxes of its own accord.

What’s required

The details of what will be trained are specific to each individual. It’s necessary to find a balance between working on what is needed and working on what is enjoyable. I aim to increase aliveness – forcing our way through practice like a chore or thrashing our body, emotions and mind are both detrimental to this. 

I encourage students to do 3 small sessions a day of 10-15 minutes per session (30-45 mins total each day). We use 3 sessions so we can spread our attention between practices for the body, practices for the breath and practices for the mind – each of which are important for development. The sessions can be done at any time but I recommend doing one in the morning upon waking, one at lunch and one in the evening. 

This kind of practice is to help us engage with our lives more completely, not replace our lives with training. We can practice a lot if we are feeling inspired but there is no pressure to do any more than a few short sessions each day. Even the habit of daily short sessions is tricky to build and it is recognized that this habit will sometimes fall away in the first year or two.  It’s not a problem, just get back into it when you are ready and we will continue from there!

Online students will receive written instructions and video tutorials, and can check in at any time via direct message, email or video call.

Online Student fees

An initial period of 3 months is required to begin the training. After this training becomes ongoing and you can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly. Pricing is in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Online students receive a 30% discount on workshop ticket prices.

Initial Period (3 months): $900

Ongoing Fees (paid monthly): $275
Ongoing Fees (paid quarterly): $750
Ongoing Fees (paid yearly): $2,700

Fees must be paid in advance, and are not refundable once the training has begun.  If you wish to stop training you may do so at any point, however should you wish to resume again in the future you will need to do the initial 3 month period again.

If you are interested in training with me, please send me an email by clicking the button below