Newcastle Workshop February 2020


Da Xuan is a Daoist tradition of practices and philosophy for the complete development of the human being.

The tradition has preserved and transmitted its practices from generation to generation for more than 1500 years. While being Chinese in origin, this rich and unique approach is specifically non-cultural and non-religious. It is concerned with the development of human qualities, and as such is open to anyone of any culture or belief.

The exercises are designed for longevity and so are simple and restorative. They work equally well for the athletic, sedentary, old and young alike, drawing from 1,500 years of experience working with thousands of students. 

Each day below is a stand alone day, however doing both workshops will give you a better understanding of the tradition as a whole. All are welcome and no particular skills or capacities are necessary.

SATURDAY Workshop:

Primordial Breathing

This half day workshop will introduce the fundamental breathing practices of our tradition. There is a very clear connection between breathing and emotions, particularly stress. Nothing brings a greater relaxation than breathing, and nothing brings more energy than breathing. It is the source of our vitality and at the centre of the exchange between mind and body. We often want to start out with quite advanced exercises when the truth is we need to first work the simple aspects of the gaseous exchange that is our every day breath.

Discourse and training will be on the following topics:

    • 3 basic breaths: conscious, abdominal and reverse abdominal
    • building full awareness of the breath
    • relaxing the breath using rhythm
    • finding and releasing tension in the breathing structures (diaphragm, thoracic/ribs and scalenes in particular)
    • using the breath to confront, regulate and digest emotions
    • expanding the lung capacity using breath holds
    • building and keeping energy using the breath
    • balancing yin and yang in our breathing
    • introduction to internal alchemy: heating the lower centre
SUNDAY Workshop:

Shen Gong – Training the Mind

Shen Gong is the work on the mind. The training of the Mind is essential for anyone wishing to truly know themselves and better understand the world. As the mind is our tool to grasp reality, it needs to be calmed, clarified and open to fully perceive the world. We use a traditional set of exercises developed to understand the way our mind works. Since we can only work on what we know, it is crucial to become accustomed to and understand what is in our mind.

We will quickly see, through some simple exercises, the constant mess and noise in our mind, independently of our will! There is no way you can force your mind into quietness. The only way is to tame it. For this task, the main weapon developed and trained in Shen Gong is attention.This rare quality is valuable for all the other practices but also simply to be in the moment. Attention is what keeps us from falling into our mental and emotional traps.

In this workshop we will look at:

    • how to build focus
    • understanding how the mind operates and its various tricks
    • the relationship between mind, energy/emotions and body
    • training the mind to project clearly
    • Yin and Yang aspects of training the mind
    • knowing the limits of the mind

Workshop Details

February 29th & March 1st
Saturday 1pm – 4:30pm (Break: ~30mins)
Sunday 9am – 12:30pm (Break: ~30mins)

Infuse Health – 4/10 William St, Adamstown NSW 2289

Facebook Event:

What to Bring:
– notepad & pen
– comfortable loose clothing

Saturday Workshop Only: $100 (early bird) / $140 (late registration)
Sunday Workshop Only: $100 (early bird) / $140 (late registration)
Both Workshops: $180 (early bird) / $230 (late registration)

If you need to pull out, please contact Craig directly to arrange a refund.  Refunds are not available after the early bird has expired, however you may be able to receive credit for a future workshop.

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