Below you will find a list of articles I have written. Articles are a way for me to articulate and get more clarity on the ideas, concepts and insights I’m working with at any point in time. While they may have been provoked by my training in the Da Xuan tradition, they do not always accurately reflect the tradition’s perspective on any given topic but rather my own attempt to make sense of what I’m experiencing. I do not tend to go back and update articles so they are only a representation of my position at the particular time of writing.  I hope my writing is of some use to you, please enjoy the articles and feel free to drop me a message if you would like to chat about any or all of the topics contained within!

I think it’s safe to say that everyone understands and has had their own experience of energy at the very least in the general sense.  I’m talking about feeling energetic, as in being alert and ready to do a lot of things whether they are physical or mental. On the flip side you have the feeling of being completely exhausted and not being able to do lots of things.  We are an organism that is in need of fuel to function; personal resources that need to be regularly topped up. Even though it might seem reasonably obvious, it is useful (...continue reading)
In Da Xuan we have this idea of grounding ourselves.  Being good Daoists who like balance, we not only like to improve the kind of emotional and mental grounding of someone who is ‘down to earth’, but we also develop a very physical grounding.  This literally means being difficult to move from our physical position; that we can’t be pushed over. As well as being balanced, the Daoists were always a pragmatic people. It’s no use to just know about it or think about it, you must practice so you can be it. I was always partial to my Teacher’s (...continue reading)
Over the many years I have been training and teaching I have regularly observed a phenomenon that I would probably call “being a try-hard” if it were still the mid-90s. But it’s 2018 so it’s probably more prudent to call it something like over-trying. It is the act of pressuring one’s self to produce results that we are not yet capable of, which in an ironic twist actually prevents them from appearing. It is a kind of psychic desperation that brings along an incredible tension. You can see how this would not work so well when you are doing practices (...continue reading)