Below you will find a list of articles I have written. Articles are a way for me to articulate and get more clarity on the ideas, concepts and insights I’m working with at any point in time. While they may have been provoked by my training in the Da Xuan tradition, they do not always accurately reflect the tradition’s perspective on any given topic but rather my own attempt to make sense of what I’m experiencing. I do not tend to go back and update articles so they are only a representation of my position at the particular time of writing.  I hope my writing is of some use to you, please enjoy the articles and feel free to drop me a message if you would like to chat about any or all of the topics contained within!

My studies in self development have been long and varied, spanning (so far) over 16 years and including forays into traditional Chinese martial arts, gymnastic strength training, flexibility and mobility of many kinds, natural movement, parkour, dance, movement culture, and the more popularized forms of strength and conditioning training. In the last 5 years this has all mostly been discarded in favour of my Daoist tradition, Da Xuan, and the main reason for this is that it does what I’m interested in far more effectively than any of the former arts. The very first question that one might respond to (...continue reading)
Being good Daoists, us practitioners of Da Xuan do lots of work on the refining of the center, or becoming centered. Centered is a term that is used in many schools of practice, particularly in martial arts and dance. In my experience, most of the time it is taught in an incredibly vague way with instructions like “try to be more centered”. Some people get it, some people don’t. I was in the camp of nod and smile and hope they don’t notice that you have no idea what they mean when I heard such cues. I suspect I am (...continue reading)
Ideas and concepts can help us consider things we may have missed and can often lead to adjustments in training methods that can make a significant difference to the results of our practice. As much as I talk about getting on with training and not overthinking too much, it is still very important to consider certain ideas and make use of conceptual frameworks at the appropriate time if you want to continue evolving. I will make a point of the word appropriate here, for as much as the framework and ideas that follow in this article will work wonders in (...continue reading)